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43,000 words written so far for No.2.

Mis-fit, Misplaced, Miss Shelly Clover now FREE as an Ebook at Smashwords & its associated platforms.



Thanks to Steve Morris for a top quality review!



Thanks to Debbie for your wonderful review on - and thanks to All for the downloads over the last few days.



The (not uk) ebook version becomes FREE for four days - starting tomorrow! Enjoy.




Thanks to everyone who has bought the ebook. Print version now available through Amazon.


Mis-fit, Misplaced, Miss Shelly Clover - Out now. Available to purchase at Smashwords and Amazon


26.07.2014 -

Just got my first ever review on 5 stars! Tickled Pink, I am.




So, this is it: You've bought the book, or you've heard from a friend/made a search and found the site. My first website - Welcome!


I'll update this place with significant news as and when I get/experience it. In the meantime, check out the twitter feed and the Shelly Clover FB page for regular updates.


I'll assess the FAQ section at numerous points. Any Q's? Keep them coming in to


Have fun and don't worry too much. :)


UPDATE 22/07/2014


The book is now available to purchase from Smashwords and Amazon as an ebook for only £0.99p. I'm sorting out a P(rint) O(n) D(emand) version shortly for you paperback lovers, and it should be available in the next couple of weeks.  JSC


UPDATE 26/07/2014


Just got my first ever review on Amazon. 5 stars! Tickled Pink, I am...


UPDATE 15/08/2014


A BIG Thanks Debbie for your wonderful review on

Another BIG thanks to ALL for downloading the ebook!


UPDATE 25/09/2014

20,000 words written for book 2. I'm purring. (But, probably not as much as the Queen, eh, Dave C?)


UPDATE 25/05/2015

Still here. Super-busy! About halfway through. Got to get book 2 just right.




Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!