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43,000 words written so far for No.2.

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Mis-fit, Misplaced, Miss Shelly Clover - Out now. Available to purchase at Smashwords and Amazon


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Mis-fit, Misplaced, Miss. Shelly Clover | Amazon/Kindle Ebook

Mis-fit, Misplaced, Miss Shelly Clover

Build what's broken, break what binds.

Save yourself, save your enemies.



What if you had suppressed memories deep in your unconscious mind for years?


What if disturbing images suddenly started coming out - you were seeing things - and you didn't even know it?


What if some of the things you are seeing are not illusions or figments of your imagination...they're actually real?


Shelly Clover has just turned thirteen.


She's been handed an old book with her own name etched on the inside. It speaks to her in twisted nursery rhymes.


The nursery rhymes are clues; clues about the Island where Shelly lives - an Island with a rich, illustrious history - and why it has fallen into unparalleled decay and murderous disrepair. And, how her life is woven into its unchartered fall.


But, Shelly has deep and unrelenting psychological scars.


From the 'other side' and through the pages of her book, her helper comes, employing a form of other-worldy counselling to break the chains that bind her mind.


But, others come too.


Truth, illusion, reality and delusion all collide with supernatural precision, releasing a horror the Island once faced two hundred years before...but never to this extent and never on this scale.


What is thirteen year old, messed-up, bullied, tormented and psychologically disturbed girl (who just started her period this week) supposed to do to stop it?